We started playing Tactical Ops with the version 3.3.2 in 2004. Back then, there were still many servers and players. Some of you will remember the good old servers like Leikkipusti, Westcoast, Eastcoast and Whoopy Cats Monstaz...

By and by, one server after another vanished into thin air and so we decided to set up our own game server in order to keep our favorite game alive. Our first server went online by the end of 2005. In January 2006 we were running the only 24/7 server left in TO332, soon one Monster server and two Event servers followed. We began to host tournaments and we did quite well in reviving the community. After a while we launched this web site to offer players a platform for discussion and exchanging ideas on the game, the servers and in general.

After 1 ½ years of running servers in TO332, however, we decided to set up a server in TO3.4. There have been several reasons for this decision, one motivation was the steadily declining number of active players in 332, but first and foremost we discovered our love for the Capture the Flag Mode of Tactical Ops 3.4.

In April 2007 we launched the www.spielwieseserver.de [Capture The Flag] server.

We hope you enjoy playing on our servers and you have fun in a decent atmosphere.

Yours Spielwiese Crew

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